Periodontal Accelerated Orthodontics

Surgical Assisted Accelerated Orthodontics

Our chief concern here at Dr. Orths is providing the necessary treatment that helps our patients achieve a beautiful and functional smile. To accomplish this goal, we utilize cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques. For instance, we are one of the few offices in the area that offers periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics.


Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics, or PAOO is relatively new form of treatment that is revolutionizing the industry. Orthodontic treatments usually involve some type of oral appliance that moves the teeth to their proper positions. PAOO can drastically improve this process, specifically for adult patients.

Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics is typically used at the very beginning of your orthodontic treatment. This invaluable procedure involves corticotomies, or divisions in the underlying bone (the mandible or maxilla) while keeping the medullary vessels and periosteum intact. Splitting the bone into two pieces provides open space that accelerates tooth movement. The procedure may also involve bone grafting to enhance the volume of your ridge during treatment.

Because the procedure is surgical, it usually involves local anesthetic and some form of sedation. Once your procedure is complete, we will suture the incision and give you a prescription for antibiotics. We will also give you a set of instructions to reduce your risk of developing post-operative complications.

Following your PAOO treatment, we will ask you to schedule an appointment every two weeks for adjustments to your orthodontic appliance. There is roughly a six to nine month window before remineralization occurs, and accelerated movement is no longer possible. You may need an additional few months of fine tuning once this process is complete.


More adults than ever before are opting for orthodontic treatment. We may recommend periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics for adults concerned with treatment times and discretion. An accelerated treatment means less time wearing braces!

Successful orthodontic treatment for adult patients is also harder to achieve. Once the teeth and jaws have stopped developing, misalignments are more difficult to correct. Adults are also more prone to periodontal complications since the teeth are surrounded by non-flexible alveolar bone. For these reasons, PAOO may be the ideal method when it comes to your treatment.


Dr. Orth specializes in periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics due to its several benefits. Many of our older patients find accelerated treatment times very attractive. Compared to conventional treatment, which can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months, PAOO only takes about six to nine months.

PAOO also has a high satisfaction rate with minimal risk to the patient. While treatment does involve minor surgery, we utilize the latest techniques to ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective experience. While a little discomfort following your procedure is normal, any swelling, pain, bleeding, and bruising should subside within a week or two.


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