Are dental implants worth the investment?

One of the most common questions asked is, “How much are dental implants?” and then, “Are dental implants worth the investment?”. Answers to both of these questions can be complex and vary greatly by the individual. In order to answer these questions more fully, any patient in the Dallas area considering dental implants should have a consultation with board-certified periodontist and dental implant specialist, Dr. Charles Orth. Dr. Orth and his staff at our periodontal and dental implant practice in Dallas, TX, specialize in exceptional care and reject any notion of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to dental implants and tooth or mouth restoration. A thorough evaluation and consultation with Dr. Orth is the only way to ensure accurate answers to your questions about tooth loss replacement and what type of procedure or surgery may be the right fit for you.

Before a consultation with Dr. Orth or any other dental implant specialist near you, it is important to consider several truths about dental implants and how these truths can help you determine whether or not dental implants are worth the investment.

#1 – Dental implants are the most permanent solution for tooth loss.

Dental implants are essentially permanent both because of the material from which they are constructed as well as the fact that dental implants are fused directly to the bone. The two primary choices for implant production are titanium, or ziconia, which are better know as ceramic implants. Both options are very strong and both can last a lifetime.

Other tooth loss replacement options may be less expensive, but none are considered as permanent as dental implants. Ongoing replacement costs and not just initial costs must be factored into the total cost of alternative tooth replacement options.

#2 – Dental implants provide the most practical benefits.

Because dental implants fuse to the bone and perform like natural teeth, the benefits are more than merely aesthetic. Dental implants stay in place, meaning that both comfort and convenience is preserved over removable tooth loss replacement options that shift and thereby can impede speech or eating. Dental implants can also be cared for with routine oral and dental hygiene and require less overall maintenance than alternative tooth replacement options. Because dental implants fuse to the bone, further bone loss causing further deterioration and ongoing, expensive procedures can be prevented.

Other tooth loss replacement options may be less expensive, but none can be considered to provide the same practical benefits as dental implants. The discomfort and embarrassment of shifting dentures, speech impediments or jawbone deterioration must be considered when evaluating the cost to value ratio of dental implants.

#3 – Dental implants provide the most natural appearance.

Dental implants are comprised of a titanium or ceramic post and then a custom crown, implant bridge or other visible attachment. Both for single and multiple tooth replacements or even for full-mouth restoration, dental implants provide the most natural appearance because they mimic natural teeth by replacing both the root and the crown of the tooth/teeth.

If you are considering tooth loss replacement, the best first step is to schedule a consultation with board-certified periodontist and dental implant specialist, Dr. Charles Orth. Dr. Orth will provide a thorough evaluation and explain the various options so that you are empowered to make the best decision for your oral health and cosmetic dentistry goals. Please call our office today to schedule your appointment.