Meet Our New Dental Hygienist

At the office of board-certified, Dallas periodontist, Charles Orth, DDS, we specialize in exceptional service. Being entrusted with your smile and oral health is a responsibility we do not take lightly. We know that the right staff makes all the difference in providing our patients with the exceptional care they deserve. For that reason, we are excited to introduce you to Brenda, our new dental hygienist.

Brenda is a Registered Dental Hygienist with over 30 years of experience. She grew  up in Tyler, Texas and graduated from Tyler Junior college where she received her degree in Applied Science of Dental Hygiene. Brenda is dedicated to providing the best care to her patients and focuses on a preventative approach. Brenda enjoys gardening, as well as spending time with her husband and daughter, Laura.

After Barbara’s retirement last year, we know that many of our patients were concerned about her replacement and whether or not they would receive the same level of care and even friendship moving forward. Your health care and comfort in our office is of utmost priority to us, and we are confident that Brenda will meet your expectations. Her dedication to exceptional oral health care and her knowledgeability in her field make her an excellent addition to our team.

In fact, Brenda is already receiving 5-star reviews from our patients.

“I had my regular dental hygiene visit today and met Brenda for the first time. She did a very caring and thorough procedure.” – Satisfied Patient (on Google)

If you have not had your routine cleaning in recent months, then now is a great time to schedule your next appointment.


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